ECIPA is the Service and Training Agency of CNA Nordest (Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Trentino Alto Adige), the regional representations of the National Confederation of Craftsmen and SMEs. It is part of a national network of agencies with regional and provincial offices throughout Italy, and a representation office in Brussels.

ECIPA Nordest central office is in Venice, while local offices are located in the several districts of Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Trentino Alto Adige.


ECIPA’s MISSION is to encourage the growth of SMEs and artisan enterprises in Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Trentino Alto Adige; to support entrepreneurship and informal cooperation between SMEs; to promote the transfer of knowledge and innovation, the improvement of skills and professional growth.

ECIPA’s VISION revolves around five pillars:

  • ENTERPRISES: to provide SMEs, employers and employees with services, training courses and strategies to enhance the “Made in Italy”, to create a winning network at national and international levels;
  • ENVIRONMENT: to provide SMEs with useful tools and procedures to ensure compatibility with the energy efficiency standards and requirements, as well as with the traceability of waste;
  • SAFETY AT WORK: to provide SMEs and professionals with useful tools to manage and guarantee a safe work environment;
  • PRODUCTIVITY: to be an effective and lean organization;
  • PEOPLE: to be a workplace where people are inspired to give their best and to be aware of their impact on the local economy.



ECIPA carries out professional, technical and economic training activities for entrepreneurs, employed and unemployed. It implements active labour market policies interventions, to promote employment, job placement or reintegration.

It carries out regional, national and transnational projects and studies with the aim of stimulating innovation processes and strengthening the competitiveness of SMEs at local and international level.

It also provides services (and software as a service) to companies in the field of waste traceability, workplace safety management, energy efficiency, acting also as an ESCo (Energy Service Company).

The main areas of ECIPA’s REGIONAL PROJECTS are:

  • Aggregations of SMEs: ECIPA is a business hub that enhances informal networks between “Made in Italy” SMEs;
  • Entrepreneurship: start-ups, Fablabs and innovation paths;
  • Tourism: enhancement of the territory;
  • Youth employment and individual growth;
  • Outplacement: “requalification” and job opportunities paths;
  • Work experience completed by training courses.


  • Green skills, energy efficiency, circular economy;
  • Innovation of SMEs, Entrepreneurship, Industry 4.0, Competitiveness, Internationalisation, Collaborative entrepreneurship, Technological transfer, Digitalisation;
  • VET, Professional training and Workplace safety;
  • Territorial marketing and sustainable tourism;
  • Culture and Creative Industry(CCIs) and cross-sectoral development.


Since 2017, ECIPA is the organization nominated by CNA Veneto and tasked with the development and management of the Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) of CNA Veneto, providing support to SMEs to:

  • facilitate the digitalisation of SMEs in cooperation with the key players of the regional ecosystem (i.e. Universities, Competence Centers, Clusters, Industrial players, Research Centers, Science and Technology Parks, Start-up Incubators, FabLabs, Investors, Local Authorities etc.);
  • offer qualified services for innovation also relying on a consolidated network of regional, national and European experts; enhance upskilling processes of employers and employees to take advantage of (and manage) the digitalisation tools and 4.0 processes;
  • develop and upscale digital transformation projects.

ECIPA NORDEST HUB is part of the Smart Specialisation Platform created by the European Commission.

ECIPA is moreover an active member of three Regional Innovation Networks:  Veneto Green Cluster; Improvenet (ICT for manufacturing Processes Veneto Network); Venetian Green Building Cluster.

To learn more about ECIPA’s action at the international level, and about ECIPA NORDEST HUB, visit ecipahub.eu